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From its inception, Doyle Sailmakers has been committed to making sailing more enjoyable and satisfying for its customers. Our commitment to the cruising sailor has been to make sailing easier and increase the performance of their boats.

  • StackPack: Yachts equipped with the fully battened StackPack mainsail enjoy effortless mainsail furling. The StackPack makes mainsail reefing and storage effortless.
  • Utility Power Sail: The Utility Power Sail, UPS, gives cruising sailors the speed and power of a traditional spinnaker and the ability to sail at wind angles as close as 35 degrees.

Doyle continues to evolve and revolutionize sailmaking, refining the art and technology, to bring you the next generation of cruising sails.



Stratis™ GPc is our top of the line option in terms of Performance Cruising Sails. The combination of Twaron and Vectran Yarns, with layers of Taffeta laminated on both sides of the sail, offers you the ultimate combination of strength, durability and resistance to stretch.

Cruise Laminate

The Cruise Laminate range of sailcloths available on the market today are a far superior option to those available just a few years ago. The developments in lamination techniques and yarn content have produced a cloth that offers an excellent compromise between performance, longevity and value for money.


Dacron is still the most popular choice for cruising sails on boats up to 40’. It offers excellent value for money and long term durability, while still holding a nice sail shape.

Magnified view of tightly woven Dacron

Magnified view of tightly woven Dacron.

This is a fill-oriented weave, in which the warp fibres (running from the upper left to the lower right) are woven over and under the straight fill yarns. In this construction, all of the crimp is in the warp and stretch in the fill direction is minimized.

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